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I leave Opera , and Back to Firefox today
December 29, 2008, 2:14 pm
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Today I make a decision , I leave Opera browser and back to Firefox browser

I had use Opera 2 year already , I love his speed , I love his hotkey ( most love key ‘1’ and ‘2’ )

and also love his Ctrl + Z function for re-open closed page

re-open closed page is most important function at my PC

2 years ago , there has no browser have this function ( maybe just I don’t know )

when I try Opera , I love it so much , however there is not so many company E-service support it

like my bank “Hang Seng Bank” , their service not support opera

Yahoo.com.hk same not support Opera

ppshk.com is hong kong online payment website , same not support Opera

I need to change another browser for lot of online service ,

It’s not good for service , but I love it’s hotkey + RSS so much

Untill today , I found firefox has changed ,

it added the hotkey ctrl + shift + T to re-open the closed browser

(but I still love Opera Bookmark search function , it’s more powerful than firefox bookmark search )

so I change all my setting to Firefox 3 again

Screen remote software
December 27, 2008, 3:25 pm
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Every time I go to my friend home for  his PC problem

I need around 2 hours for traffic go & back , 30 min for fix computer error

so 2:30 hours only for 30 min is fix computer error

and now , I got a software to help me , it’s name : TeamViewer

website : http://www.teamviewer.com/products/screenshots.aspx

Introduce Program :

TeamViewer is our solution for easy and friendly desktop sharing. You can remote control a partners desktop to give online assistance, or you can show your screen to a customer – all without worrying about firewalls, IP addresses and NAT.

TeamViewer offers a clean and simple to use interface.

When connecting, you decide if you want to remote control your partner, show your own desktop to a partner or if you only want to transfer files without sharing your desktop – all versions of TeamViewer include all modes!

All versions of TeamViewer include full file transfer with file and folder copy. For maximum speed all data is automatically compressed before transmission.

Adobe new function [ screen sharing ]
December 27, 2008, 3:14 pm
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Today I looking around internet for the screen sharing software

I saw lot of software is about screen remote , however it haven’t one is good for design

At last I found Powerful Adobe team developing the new Web2.0 plantform about screen sharing program for designer

that’s pertty good for me , I think it’s a good news for all designer in the world

this function name is connetnow , and website is


adobe connetnow

Note Website
December 27, 2008, 12:01 pm
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If you want to remind yourself tomorrow to buy something , or do something

you can go to this website : http://www.stickyscreen.org/

and type the remind note ther

It will auto save to your browers , so you can set it to your browser “Homepage”

than you will see your note tomorrow when you open your browser



Amazing desktop program
December 27, 2008, 11:29 am
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Do you want the amazing desktop?
Free Madotate 2.02.02
That’s your chose

It’s Free and can make your screen amazing 3D

download link : http://madotate.en.softonic.com/

Mind Control
December 23, 2008, 2:54 pm
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Mind Control, also know as Brain-computer interface (BCI) allows you to control your computer using just your mind/thoughts, with no mouse, keyboard nor joystick. Your mind can even be trained to play Pong! How amazing does that sound?

Learn SEO Base
December 23, 2008, 2:32 pm
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords. In this article find out how to do basic SEO, code search engine friendly pages and how to do a basic promotion of your site.

For this I will use one of sites I’ve made, it is AdSense site and it follows SEO rules and it is good example what to do and what not to do. This site is http://www.aboutdoghealth.org/ so let’s start from the top.

Things to do
  • Keywords in URLFor example http://www.aboutdoghealth.org/ use whole words – keywords to best describe your site. Don’t rely on this if you don’t have keywords in other parts of your site.
  • Keywords in <title> tagThis shows search results as your page title, so this is one of the most important things and it shouldn’t be long 5-6 words max, and use keyword at the beginning.
  • Keywords in anchor textsAlso very important, especially for the anchor text, because if you have the keyword in the anchor text in a link from another site, this is regarded as getting a vote from this site not only about your site in general, but about the keyword in particular.
  • Keywords in headings (<H1>, <H2>, etc. tags)One more place where keywords count a lot. But beware that your page has actual text about the particular keyword.
  • Keywords in the beginning of a documentWhile coding your page put your main content before side bar. Because this also counts, though not as much as anchor text, title tag or headings
  • Keywords in <alt> tagsSpiders don’t read images but they do read their textual descriptions in the <alt> tag, so if you have images on your page, fill in the <alt> tag with some keywords about them.
  • Anchor text of inbound linksThis is one of the most important factors for good rankings. It is best if you have a keyword in the anchor text but even if you don’t, it is still OK.
  • Origin of inbound linksIt is important if the site that links to you is a reputable one or not. Generally sites with greater Google PR are considered reputable and the .edu and .gov sites are the most reputable
  • Links from similar sitesHaving links from similar sites is very, very useful. It indicates that the competition is voting for you and you are popular within your topical community.
  • MetatagsMetatags are becoming less and less important but if there are metatags that still matter, these are the <description> and <keywords> ones.
  • Unique contentHaving more content (relevant content, which is different from the content on other sites both in wording and topics) is a real boost for your site’s rankings.
  • Frequency of content changeFrequent changes are favored. It is great when you constantly add new content but it is not so great when you only make small updates to existing content.
  • Site AccessibilityAnother fundamental issue, which that is often neglected. If the site (or separate pages) is unaccessible because of broken links, 404 errors, password-protected areas and other similar reasons, then the site simply can’t be indexed.
  • SitemapIt is great to have a complete and up-to-date sitemap, spiders love it, no matter if it is a plain old HTML sitemap or the special Google sitemap format.
Things not to do
  • Keyword stuffingAny artificially inflated keyword density (10% and over) is keyword stuffing and you risk getting banned from search engines.
  • Keyword dilutionWhen you are optimizing for an excessive amount of keywords, especially unrelated ones, this will affect the performance of all your keywords and even the major ones will be lost (diluted) in the text.
  • Single pixel linkswhen you have a link that is a pixel or so wide it is invisible for humans, so nobody will click on it and it is obvious that this link is an attempt to manipulate search engines.
  • Cross-linkingCrosslinking occurs when site A links to site B, site B links to site C and site C links back to site A
  • Duplicate contentWhen you have the same content on several pages on the site, this will not make your site look larger because the duplicate content penalty kicks in. To a lesser degree duplicate content applies to pages that reside on other sites but obviously these cases are not always banned
  • Doorway pagesCreating pages that aim to trick spiders that your site is a highly-relevant one when it is not, is another way to get the kick from search engines.
  • CloakingCloaking is another illegal technique, which partially involves content separation because spiders see one page (highly-optimized, of course), and everybody else is presented with another version of the same page.
  • Invisible textThis is a black hat SEO practice and when spiders discover that you have text specially for them but not for humans, don’t be surprised by the penalty.
  • Illegal ContentUsing other people’s copyrighted content without their permission or using content that promotes legal violations can get you kicked out of search engines.
  • FlashSpiders don’t index the content of Flash movies, so if you use Flash on your site, don’t forget to give it an alternative textual description. And also don’t have just flash home page without HTML one.
  • FramesFrames are very bad for SEO. Avoid using them unless really necessary.
  • Redirects (301 and 302)When not applied properly, redirects can hurt a lot – the target page might not open, or worse – a redirect can be regarded as a black hat technique, when the visitor is immediately taken to a different page.
  • Bans in robots.txtIf indexing of a considerable portion of the site is banned, this is likely to affect the nonbanned part as well because spiders will come less frequently to a “noindex” site.
  • Session IDsThis is even worse than dynamic URLs. Don’t use session IDs for information that you’d like to be indexed by spiders.
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Good website for CSS
December 23, 2008, 2:20 pm
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Great banner making web2.0 site
December 21, 2008, 1:33 am
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This contest lets you create a very cool flash banner with your own ideas using BannerSnack.com flash banner maker.

What is BannerSnack?

BannerSnack is a banner maker that allows you to easily create Flash banners online within a few minutes. You do not need to have Adobe Flash software. You can easily add text or image, apply any transition from presets, publish banners and share with anyone. See some examples here.


What are the prices?

There are total 3 prices for winners. Each winner will get a one year account for BannerSnack Premium Plus (each $149 worth of value).

What do you need?

1. You will need to have a free account on BannerSnack website to participate in this contest.

2. You will need to come up with a very very cool flash banner using BannerSnack.

3. Please post your banner URL with your name and email together by writing a comment below. Make sure to put a correct email address. So that you will get a $149 worth of product via email if you are one of the 3 winners. (Example URL:  http://www.bannersnack.com/banner-maker/software/

BannerSnack Panel

Visit BannerSnack website now and start making cool Flash banners. Have fun!

Face book over 600K People new register per day
December 21, 2008, 12:55 am
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Every one know now the world wide businss is face many problem ,

however Facebook company now hire more staff  for their non-stop growing business website

Few month ago , face book new member register around 300k per day

that’s already is unbelievable number , but “InsideFacebook” post said

face book now is around 600K account new register pre day ,

it’s new regsiter member rate grow 2 times in this few month ,

that’s saw facebook team is so powerful and non-stop growing their idea.

as facebook publish their member now have over 120Million member

that’s crazy number , Hong Kong only have 7Million people

the number of  FB member is 7 times of  Hong Kong . GOD~

Hope later I can design a website member more than facebook 😉