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Pre nursery kowloon tong
April 23, 2016, 9:32 am
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Pre nursery kowloon tong

Pre nursery kowloon tong

Parents urban legends are spread to Kowloon Tong, you have to register your child for preschool children, while they were still in the womb. This is not correct. In fact, pre-school is optional, there are plenty of options, from full day kindergarten to half a day, preschool programs and day care options.

We have decided to do something completely different, and joined some friends, parents of 2 year old with us next fall as part of a leading pre-school education in the hen house. I recently met who had heard before making it a successful experience and skills such as MOM.

You may be wondering what exactly is a parent-led cooperatives of pre-primary education? It really is what you want it to be, because your parents, designed and run it. That’s the beauty of it (from the side of cost and lack of a waiting list. ) Under normal circumstances, children’s games, so that kids and parents meet regularly, and have the freedom to play. Instead, a cooperative preschool, parents and children may or may not exist from a specific course of study. Prior to this course from the free play of young children for short periods of music or art session varied, for older children a long academic classes.

How do you become a kindergarten the henhouse? Unless you are invited to join the current group and start your own! Ask around, you know, look at the parents who may be interested. Every parent-led pre-school education has its own unique approach, the families involved. Before you begin, parents will have to come together to set a goal, they hope their children will achieve and agree in the course settings, sizes and formats, and responsibilities of its members.

Here are some tips to start their own nursery sheds:

Size and format

Parent-led cooperatives are usually of pre-school education at home for a few hours, one or 2 times a week. You can choose to always have it in the same family, or rotated so that every parent needs to go the managed. Group 5-6 children usually work best. Anything less could leave a small group of children absent special treatment can be tricky for city apartments. It is ideal for creating a group, it is not too early to start in children 2 years of age. If you have a mixed age group, you can try some extra work to keep the older kids challenge.

You can choose all parents are due, or you can take turns teaching so parents get diverted away. Many parents recommend rotation, not only to get some rest, because they found the children perform better lessons learned and more often only one or two adult leaders and not every child’s parents are in the room. However, if you are rotating the task of teaching, this will be the children’s agenda or each week to follow the agreed format for adults.


Courses can vary widely. Apparently, young children cannot handle as much structured time for older children. Courses like "Ruby" or simply "numbers and count 1-10". Parents can choose to write their lessons per week, or you can use the library or the Internet to find preschool plan and loads of course has been laid out for you. I would like to emphasize is that there is no reason to spend a lot of time creating a course to benefit from these resources. Some are free, some you order and pay, some are language, religion and so on, you can choose to use one or mix and match professional. Everything you need is available online, including craft ideas, songs, poems and stories, and so on.

The responsibility of the parents

Because the parents are in control, they must be organized and committed. It helps layout ahead of schedule and arrange parental role every week. This gives parents enough time to get ready for the responsibility they entrust their teaching/, if there are conflicts within the Group of Exchange or replacement arrangements. In addition, parents should solve any problems, such as possible supplies or props, sick policy, or any security problems, such as allergies, such as the cost

Brothers and sisters

If parents have more than one child in the group, they can try to organise two kindergartens at the same time, an old man and a young child. If there are parents who have a baby, you can arrange for adults who do not have lead lessons per week caring for babies in a separate room.

Here are two examples of how your parents as the leading format of pre-school education can work. But remember, since you’re a "President" is entirely up to you how it works.

Example 1

9:30-10:15 music-along songs, playing musical instruments, puppets, dance, singing

10:15-10:30 snacks and bathrooms

10:30-11:00 course day and related technology

11:00-11:15 story time until recovery

Example 2


10:00-10:45 related to the curriculum and reading, singing and large motor activities day

10:45-11:00 snacks and bathrooms

11:00-11:30 technology

11:30-12:00 free play

Rmember when you live in Kowloon Tong, is sometimes the best classroom is right outside the door. Effort to explore the city can all of their most experienced, whether you go to museums or other cultural institutions, performing, or free classes. Using our site and calendar has an excellent, abundant opportunities to fill your days.

I planned this summer in the autumn we kindergarten cooperatives. When we started, I will follow up and let you know how to. Meanwhile, do you have any tips or examples how to parent-led pre-school education may have worked for your family?

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