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Why do web design

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Many people say that the trend of a site, as a phone number like almost every company is required to contact the way, another dimension, in fact, the site represents the company’s image, through the Internet platform to promote business, develop new markets and business opportunities. Some customers will ask? Why do web design, what kind of benefits that can bring what kind of interest?
Like extension through web design image
Web presence, can represent the company’s image. Website represents the web design company  another door, customers can through this door, quickly understand the company’s services, hours of operation, etc. ~ or content information. The more transparency of information, allowing prospective customers to better understand the company, increasing the sense of trust not only shortened the distance between the company and its customers, but also easier to get close to customers, but also to benefit relatively naturally increased.
Like web design through digital catalog
Whenever and wherever customers can access, you can take the initiative to check product details product information, clear and transparent information to enable customers to generate a sense of trust, but also increased advertising exposure, and reducing the number of unrealistic request.
Pass like web design online goods
Online shopping is already a very mature transactions, and cash flow with the stream there is also complete with matching mechanism, if you want to sell your product through the web, the site architecture that is absolutely necessary, although through the auction site can also be to achieve the purpose of selling, but the auction site after all limited by platform vendors, not as its own website, so having real authority and autonomous control effect.
Through services like web design 24H
In the online world can have instant online 365 days, 24/7 service, can also be through the customer support system, so that customers can put on business issues to the background by the website. Companies save personnel costs, increase service efficiency.

Best website design service for web design company

web design

Web Design Summary of Product Management
Background web design is simple to use, can give customers unlimited upload and update products . And all website design products simply upload again , it can interface are displayed on three versions of the site . Include inventory management system, real-time updates inventory and low volume products web design company email notifications.

Best way Web design
Each web design product can be uploaded ten pictures , the system knows automatically zoom to the appropriate size , and supports click to enlarge the original image, plus specialty support Taobao style presentation, can be described in detail product characteristics.

web design company
Flexible website design schedule board set
Separate classification for each product upload Promotion Home ( pictures or HTML) and image banners (Jpg, Gif and Flash), home also supports dynamic website design picture banners and custom left , middle and right of the content box switch.

Smartphone Edition
Design Web Shop attached Smartphone Edition is compatible with a variety of popular smart phones such as the iPhone, Android and Blackberry and so on.

Facebook Version
Facebook version has a shop , so customers can stay in the Facebook shopping , and more with Facebook Like Box, Youtube Video Code Input and social network sharing capabilities.

Search engine optimization SEO
Customizable site Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords and other search engine optimization -related projects , the system can automatically becomes the product name product page Title. It’s important for every web design company

Multifunctional Member System
Customizable multi- membership levels , each level set custom shopping discounts. Members can log record trading status and print invoices. System Support Member Shopping Points program to encourage members to patronize again .

Web design Comprehensive sales reports
Ready access to overall product sales and browsing history or Member shopping records, reports can be exported to a CSV format file ( can be opened in Excel or OpenOffice ) , to help you make the best sales strategy.

Interactive web design marketing platform
On each product page with product reviews and more Live Chat instant messaging (Skype, QQ, Yahoo Messenger), easy to reply to customer questions , and help enhance revenue .

Freight Web design system
Supported by weight or by purchase amount calculated shipping, you can enter a list of shipping freight companies do not , the system can automatically calculate the shipping costs.

Comprehensive sales and after-sales service
Can make an appointment on the Company or to obtain a comprehensive understanding of system functionality backstage trial account , the site can be used after completion of one year technical guidance and unlimited phone / email technical support services.

How can talk with Web Design Company

Web Design
If you talking with your web design company , your web design company will always ask you how many page you need
On account of Website design is counting by web design page
Your web design company will send you the page layout design after they complete website layout design

Website design services give you a new company homepage for an Great website planning
With a reasonable cost, a fast consultation with our professional web design and a simple
process you can publish your new website quickly and easily. Here is how it works:

website design

Talk to our web design professional.

  • Provide basic information for your new website
  • Describe what you want in your company homepage
  • Submit images or text for your new website
  • We take it from there

Review new website design & comment

  • Review proposed design for your company homepage
  • Provide feedback for revised new website design
  • Review new website design and company homepage
  • Build and publish your new website design on the Web

Take control of your site

  • Learn easy-to-use tools to update website design
  • Make changes to your new website anytime at no charge
  • Get ongoing help from our Help Center
  • All this for a very affordable price!

Web Design DIY

DIY Web Design 
DIY Web design Package # 1
HK $ 1,800 million
Standard Web Design
10 E-mail Address
Free to modify web pages
Do 1000 pages
Full self-service
DIY Web Package # 2
HK $ 3,800 million
web design

Standard Web Design company package
10 E-mail Address
Free to modify web pages
Do 1000 pages
The first production package
DIY Web Package # 3
HK $ 7,800 million

website design
Standard Website Design 
10 E-mail Address
Free to modify web design pages
Do 1000 pages
The first production package
DIY Homepage About Web Design Services
Can build your website design within minutes, no experience,
Without installing any software support,
Only your internet browser execution, very easy to use,
Over 50 Professional Web design choices,
You can change your yearly web design, free of charge,

web design
website design company System all the photos automatically zoom in or out,
Only one second can be added to the search function,
Especially for SMEs. Trading company, import and export company,
Manufacturers and business services companies.
Independent overseas bandwidth speeds, ensuring overseas buyers faster browsing.
If you want to know more details, please refer to the following description
Price: HK $ 1,800 / Year include: web hosting and email services

Web Design Company in Hong Kong

web design

Web Design Company in Hong Kong / Hong Kong graphic design company
    Web Design    Graphic Design    Other services

Website design / graphic design company: web design, web programming, software design, graphic design (flyer design, easy-mount design, brochure design), Logo Design.

    Entrepreneurs should be preceded by understanding their suitability boss
    Site construction planning process (planning after)
    Graphic design and web design market price comparison
    Site construction planning process (planning)
Service Introduction MORE

    1 web design hong kong, website design
    2 software development, software design
    3 web production: online store, buy Network
    4 Programming: Programming, CMS
    5 web banner (Banner) production
    6 search engine optimization (SEO)
    The seven Web Hosting Services
    8 Graphic Design: Flyer design, easy-mount frames design
    9 Graphic Design: business cards design, menu design
    10 graphic design: brochure design, poster design
    11 printing services
    12Logo design, logo design
    13 and portrait photography
    14, English, Japanese translation services

Opened design packages – web design, graphic design, logo design

Packages in the website design only static wish to create dynamic Web site shall be quoted separately!
The company mainly to the the handwritten full site programs and tailor-made design based, the program designed Jieneng prepared to ASP.NET / PHP.

website design

    [Sports Food Store Web Design
Supplement Square sports nutrition
The sports food retailers web design

    [Flyer design]
My Art Kingdom
Flyer design

    [Flyer design]
Day posture makeup beauty center
Flyer design

    Logo Design
Game Base (first of the game disc selling)
Logo Design

    Logo Design
Australian goods, excellent health (Australia)
Logo Design

    [Buy net production (combined old online store)]
The buy Cheaphk network
Buy Network production (combined old online store)

Web Design
    General Web Design
    Online store design
    Web design
    Website Promotion Services
    Web Hosting Services
    Flash Design Case

Graphic Design
    Logo / Trademark Design
    Business Card / Business Card Design
    Flyer design
    Brochure design
    Outdoor advertising design
    Poster Design

Other services
    Electronic signboard
    Settlement services
    Invoicing software

Company information
    Our advantages
    Company Profile
    The latest information
    Latest Offers
    Payment Method
    Contact Us

Using Great Map function Website Deisgn

Schedule Search from SF Beer Week


Profile Page from Dcovery


Search Results from Kangaroom


Contact Modal from Engage Interactive


Contact from Si Digital


Contact Page from Page\Park


Santa’s Dashboard from Google


Checkin Information from Foursquare


Contact Information from Joint London


Coverage Map from Karma


Contact Map from Buffalo


Interactive Map from MyProvence Festival


Feature from MapBox


Footer and Contact from Startup Giraffe


Homepage Slider from MapBox


Location from Wicked Palate


Location from Monument National


Contact from Nest


Contact Info from Mercer Tavern


Contact from Flow Media


50 Problems in 50 Days


Build with Chrome – Lego


Flybe Route Map


The Global Transition


Startup Weekend


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20 Photoshop photo effect tutorials for web design

20 Photoshop photo effect tutorials

1. Create a Funky Perspective of a Model Riding Digital Volume


Create a Funky Perspective of a Model Riding Digital Volume

2. Dance Photo Manipulation


Dance Photo Manipulation

3. Creating an Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper


Creating an Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

4. How to Create a Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation


How to Create a Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation

5. Creative Photoshop Animal King Photo Manipulation Tutorial


Creative Photoshop Animal King Photo Manipulation Tutorial

6. How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits


How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits

7. Expressive lighting effects


Expressive lighting effects

8. The Making of Mystic


The Making of Mystic

9. Dramatic Gritty Effect


Dramatic Gritty Effect

10. Create a Powerful Mental Wave Explosion Effect



Create a Powerful Mental Wave Explosion Effect

11. Fantastic Disintegration Effect inspired by Watchmen in Photoshop


Fantastic Disintegration Effect inspired by Watchmen in Photoshop

12. Selective Sepia


Selective Sepia

13. Add Another Dimension


Add Another Dimension

14. How to Create a Chilling Photo Manipulation in Photoshop


How to Create a Chilling Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

15. Using Photoshop and Your Brain to Produce Diorama Illusions


Using Photoshop and Your Brain to Produce Diorama Illusions

16. Realistic Spotlight Effect in Photoshop


Realistic Spotlight Effect in Photoshop

17. Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images


Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images

18. Beautiful Lady Effect


Beautiful Lady Effect

19. Photoshop Water Reflection – Add A Realistic Water Reflection


Photoshop Water Reflection – Add A Realistic Water Reflection

20. Photoshop Rain Effect – Adding Rain To A Photo


Photoshop Rain Effect – Adding Rain To A Photo

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Web Design

Web Design

What is web design , web design is a HTML function

Why need web design company , web design company can give you some option and suggest to make your website success

When you need website design , if you build up a business , and you must need a website

Where is your target customer . you need to provide the information to website design company , they will give you the professional design for your target customer

Superb Responsive Web Design Examples

1. DesignCrowd


2. Joshua sortino


3. Internet Images


4. Build Guild


5. Earth Hour


6. Worm Signt Shirts


7. Sony


8. Deux huit huit


9. Rally Interactive


10. Ace Scholarships


11. Design week Portland


12. Stephan Caver


13. Microsoft


14. Up Statement


15. Barack Obama


16. Web Designer Depot


17. Design made in Germany


18. The Search Things


19. Humaan


20. Dress Responsively


With the aim of helping the designers we have compiled twenty attractive responsive web designs from the internet. We have tested all these platforms in the tablets and smartphones, to check how responsive they are before posting it in this article. The web designers can study these exceptional examples as it will help them to get valuable muse for their future projects. Enjoy and share your opinion about these examples.