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Face book over 600K People new register per day
December 21, 2008, 12:55 am
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Every one know now the world wide businss is face many problem ,

however Facebook company now hire more staff  for their non-stop growing business website

Few month ago , face book new member register around 300k per day

that’s already is unbelievable number , but “InsideFacebook” post said

face book now is around 600K account new register pre day ,

it’s new regsiter member rate grow 2 times in this few month ,

that’s saw facebook team is so powerful and non-stop growing their idea.

as facebook publish their member now have over 120Million member

that’s crazy number , Hong Kong only have 7Million people

the number of  FB member is 7 times of  Hong Kong . GOD~

Hope later I can design a website member more than facebook 😉