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Interest classes
April 23, 2016, 12:20 pm
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Interest classes

Interest classes

When we look at what teachers actually do every day, and bring about changes in the lives of children in research, there is clear evidence that the daily interactions with teachers of children is the most important. We also know a lot about specific types of interactions, leading to children’s development and learning. This course focuses on those interactions. In the end of the course, you should type to promote student learning and developing a deep knowledge and understanding of the interaction.

Although there are many types of interactions is vital to children’s development, this course will focus on a particular area-emotional support.

This course focuses on the emotional support, because it is the Foundation of every early childhood classrooms. Emotionally supportive of children and adults are comfortable with each other in the classroom to study with interest. They look forward to spending time together and know that even in difficult times, there will be someone there to help them.

What you need to know to be a very effective teachers? Teachers need multiple types of knowledge-knowledge of child development, to their contents, to effective teaching practices, to the needs and abilities of the children in the classroom, as well as their own. In this process, we will focus on the knowledge of child development, we will spend a lot of time to focus on promoting the knowledge about a specific type of learning and development of classroom interaction.

Another part of the teaching is interesting. In all the world’s knowledge about effective teaching is a puzzle. Good teachers need to see what effective teaching-in many different types of classrooms, there are many different types of children. Teachers tell us that they have no chance of getting close enough to see other teachers teach and how they report thInterest classesese experiences can help when they get them. We will spend a lot of time in this process focus observe classroom videos, we will also ask you to take some time to see our own teaching.

Eventually, we learn is not put into practice effective-we need to spend some time Interest classes doing teaching practice of enacting, we will understand. Just as young children need to do things really know them-you need to spend some time practicing the type of interaction we will talk about.

Efficient teachers finally have become an important factor. Effective teachers take the time to reflect on their own practices. We think it’s a bit like taking the time to really look at your teaching through a magnifying glass-we will give you the time to reflect on your teaching, what have you learned in this process.

Lots of this, of course, is based on research of Dr. Robert Peel Tower, buliqitehamulei and many of his colleagues UVA and the use of other agencies of the classroom assessment scoring system-or class (™). Class is in the research and practice of effective teaching specific content using the observation pointer. In this process, you will see by the class assessing a variety of examples of teaching practices. You’ll get the chance, observation and has been shown to increase the effectiveness of teacher’s interaction with young children analysis of teaching practice.