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Interest classes
April 23, 2016, 12:20 pm
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Interest classes

Interest classes

When we look at what teachers actually do every day, and bring about changes in the lives of children in research, there is clear evidence that the daily interactions with teachers of children is the most important. We also know a lot about specific types of interactions, leading to children’s development and learning. This course focuses on those interactions. In the end of the course, you should type to promote student learning and developing a deep knowledge and understanding of the interaction.

Although there are many types of interactions is vital to children’s development, this course will focus on a particular area-emotional support.

This course focuses on the emotional support, because it is the Foundation of every early childhood classrooms. Emotionally supportive of children and adults are comfortable with each other in the classroom to study with interest. They look forward to spending time together and know that even in difficult times, there will be someone there to help them.

What you need to know to be a very effective teachers? Teachers need multiple types of knowledge-knowledge of child development, to their contents, to effective teaching practices, to the needs and abilities of the children in the classroom, as well as their own. In this process, we will focus on the knowledge of child development, we will spend a lot of time to focus on promoting the knowledge about a specific type of learning and development of classroom interaction.

Another part of the teaching is interesting. In all the world’s knowledge about effective teaching is a puzzle. Good teachers need to see what effective teaching-in many different types of classrooms, there are many different types of children. Teachers tell us that they have no chance of getting close enough to see other teachers teach and how they report thInterest classesese experiences can help when they get them. We will spend a lot of time in this process focus observe classroom videos, we will also ask you to take some time to see our own teaching.

Eventually, we learn is not put into practice effective-we need to spend some time Interest classes doing teaching practice of enacting, we will understand. Just as young children need to do things really know them-you need to spend some time practicing the type of interaction we will talk about.

Efficient teachers finally have become an important factor. Effective teachers take the time to reflect on their own practices. We think it’s a bit like taking the time to really look at your teaching through a magnifying glass-we will give you the time to reflect on your teaching, what have you learned in this process.

Lots of this, of course, is based on research of Dr. Robert Peel Tower, buliqitehamulei and many of his colleagues UVA and the use of other agencies of the classroom assessment scoring system-or class (™). Class is in the research and practice of effective teaching specific content using the observation pointer. In this process, you will see by the class assessing a variety of examples of teaching practices. You’ll get the chance, observation and has been shown to increase the effectiveness of teacher’s interaction with young children analysis of teaching practice.

Pre nursery kowloon tong
April 23, 2016, 9:32 am
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Pre nursery kowloon tong

Pre nursery kowloon tong

Parents urban legends are spread to Kowloon Tong, you have to register your child for preschool children, while they were still in the womb. This is not correct. In fact, pre-school is optional, there are plenty of options, from full day kindergarten to half a day, preschool programs and day care options.

We have decided to do something completely different, and joined some friends, parents of 2 year old with us next fall as part of a leading pre-school education in the hen house. I recently met who had heard before making it a successful experience and skills such as MOM.

You may be wondering what exactly is a parent-led cooperatives of pre-primary education? It really is what you want it to be, because your parents, designed and run it. That’s the beauty of it (from the side of cost and lack of a waiting list. ) Under normal circumstances, children’s games, so that kids and parents meet regularly, and have the freedom to play. Instead, a cooperative preschool, parents and children may or may not exist from a specific course of study. Prior to this course from the free play of young children for short periods of music or art session varied, for older children a long academic classes.

How do you become a kindergarten the henhouse? Unless you are invited to join the current group and start your own! Ask around, you know, look at the parents who may be interested. Every parent-led pre-school education has its own unique approach, the families involved. Before you begin, parents will have to come together to set a goal, they hope their children will achieve and agree in the course settings, sizes and formats, and responsibilities of its members.

Here are some tips to start their own nursery sheds:

Size and format

Parent-led cooperatives are usually of pre-school education at home for a few hours, one or 2 times a week. You can choose to always have it in the same family, or rotated so that every parent needs to go the managed. Group 5-6 children usually work best. Anything less could leave a small group of children absent special treatment can be tricky for city apartments. It is ideal for creating a group, it is not too early to start in children 2 years of age. If you have a mixed age group, you can try some extra work to keep the older kids challenge.

You can choose all parents are due, or you can take turns teaching so parents get diverted away. Many parents recommend rotation, not only to get some rest, because they found the children perform better lessons learned and more often only one or two adult leaders and not every child’s parents are in the room. However, if you are rotating the task of teaching, this will be the children’s agenda or each week to follow the agreed format for adults.


Courses can vary widely. Apparently, young children cannot handle as much structured time for older children. Courses like "Ruby" or simply "numbers and count 1-10". Parents can choose to write their lessons per week, or you can use the library or the Internet to find preschool plan and loads of course has been laid out for you. I would like to emphasize is that there is no reason to spend a lot of time creating a course to benefit from these resources. Some are free, some you order and pay, some are language, religion and so on, you can choose to use one or mix and match professional. Everything you need is available online, including craft ideas, songs, poems and stories, and so on.

The responsibility of the parents

Because the parents are in control, they must be organized and committed. It helps layout ahead of schedule and arrange parental role every week. This gives parents enough time to get ready for the responsibility they entrust their teaching/, if there are conflicts within the Group of Exchange or replacement arrangements. In addition, parents should solve any problems, such as possible supplies or props, sick policy, or any security problems, such as allergies, such as the cost

Brothers and sisters

If parents have more than one child in the group, they can try to organise two kindergartens at the same time, an old man and a young child. If there are parents who have a baby, you can arrange for adults who do not have lead lessons per week caring for babies in a separate room.

Here are two examples of how your parents as the leading format of pre-school education can work. But remember, since you’re a "President" is entirely up to you how it works.

Example 1

9:30-10:15 music-along songs, playing musical instruments, puppets, dance, singing

10:15-10:30 snacks and bathrooms

10:30-11:00 course day and related technology

11:00-11:15 story time until recovery

Example 2


10:00-10:45 related to the curriculum and reading, singing and large motor activities day

10:45-11:00 snacks and bathrooms

11:00-11:30 technology

11:30-12:00 free play

Rmember when you live in Kowloon Tong, is sometimes the best classroom is right outside the door. Effort to explore the city can all of their most experienced, whether you go to museums or other cultural institutions, performing, or free classes. Using our site and calendar has an excellent, abundant opportunities to fill your days.

I planned this summer in the autumn we kindergarten cooperatives. When we started, I will follow up and let you know how to. Meanwhile, do you have any tips or examples how to parent-led pre-school education may have worked for your family?

Russian food Hong Kong
April 11, 2016, 7:53 am
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 Russian food Hong Kong

Russian food Hong Kong

In order to promote investments to diversify their economies, issued a series of energy efficiency, nuclear engineering, aerospace technology, medicine and information technology industry in place, investors can benefit from the development of new products and technologies. Major preferential measures include profits tax and property tax are exempt from sales tax, reducing the rate of social security contributions and special customs procedures. For eligible research and development activities of the company, additional deduction of discount 150% research and development expenses to reduce taxable income or the increase of deferred income tax assets.

In order to encourage development and investment focus areas include pharmaceuticals, real estate, infrastructure, innovation and technology, aluminium, steel, lead, platinum group metals, precious metals, nickel, copper, zinc, coal, telecommunications, transportation, agriculture, food, and natural gas. Details of the investment environment and the relevant provisions, see Russia investment promotion centre (Centre for investment (investment Russia)) Web site.

In 2014, to enter Russia’s annual foreign direct investment fell by 70%, but still amounted to $ 21st 1 billion, with China accounting for $ 634 million. China Russia accumulated direct investment from $ 4.66 million US dollars from the end of 2005 to 2014 $ 8.7 to 1 billion. Hong Kong investment in Russia is rare.

Except in June 2010 and December 2013 to enter Hong Kong and Russia between the power of the air transport services agreement, completed the first round of negotiations of a comprehensive agreement for the avoidance of double taxation. In addition, Hong Kong and Russia were negotiating agreements on investment promotion and protection, in order to further promote bilateral investment and trade.

8 months before 2015, Hong Kong, Russia exported a total of 877 million $,41%, and from Russia imports amounted to $ 619 million down from 25% in the same period.


The current economic situation

Affected by the plunge in oil and other commodity prices and the ruble plunge and soaring interest rates dragged down, Russia’s economy remains grim. With sharp currency devaluation, investment, weak domestic consumption, as well as Russia and Western Ukraine deadlock problem, escalating sanctions and counter sanctions, economic damage. The other hand, the weak rouble made Russia’s credit rating falling in 2015, increasing the country’s foreign debt default risk, coupled with the strict budget, expects Russia economy shrank 3.6%.

United States Federal Reserve Board to raise interest rates at the end of 2015, expected funds in and out of Russia’s situation will be aggravated. In addition, Russia can go to Western countries with sanctions until early 2016, and will continue to pressure on exports and investment. However, given the low base and a moderate recovery of banking in May 2016, Russia may be the 0.6% of the economy rebounded.

Trade policy

Russia has opened a lot of business and trade system. Now Russia businesses and individuals may engage in trade, and does not require special registration procedures, and strict control of the past. They are free to import almost all of the products, some strategic commodities are still only a handful of products subject to import licensing and other controls, but the product has a relationship with Hong Kong is small.

Russia under the harmonized commodity description and coding system (the harmonized commodity description and coding system) to determine the customs classification. Jurisdiction of the Customs all goods entering the country must be declared to the Customs authorities of the Russian Federation. When the goods are delivered within 15 days of the submission to the Customs authorities need to return. Enter Russia customs customs territory of goods required to the appropriate tariff.

Import and export tariffs for the goods (ad valorem) a percentage of the customs value calculated according to euro cargo units of measurement or calculation and/or a mixture of both the above calculation, but in most cases, ad valorem tariffs, levied in accordance with percentage of the customs value of the goods. Most consumer goods, such as clothing, hardware, consumer electronics, watches and jewellery of Hong Kong enterprises, the applicable tariff rates from 5% to 20%. The other hand, oil products, copper and nickel, and several kinds of goods and products made of these materials, and must be subject to export tariffs. Russia very few anti-dumping procedures against Hong Kong products, Hong Kong is only a bearing to take anti-dumping measures, Hong Kong has not been Russia export or transit bearings, this measure has no effect on trade.

In addition to import tariffs, requires most imports of goods and services tax. Since January 2004, the standard VAT rate reduced from 20% to 18%. The other hand, the sales tax has been cancelled. Meanwhile, basic food and children’s product is a low rate of 10%, and some products and services, such as financial services and goods in transit from the VAT exemption.

Most of the imported goods, including consumer products, must comply with applicable Russia safety standards. Entering the customs territory of goods, is usually required to produce certificates issued by the standards and measurement Committee of the Russian Federation (GOSSTANDART, referred to as GOST) or its authorized agency certificate (conformity GOST-r certification, referred to as COC).

After 19 years of negotiations, Russia on August 22, 2012, to join the World Trade Organization. Their WTO commitments, Russia is one of reducing tariffs on products such as overall tariff ceiling for the (that is permitted by the WTO, imported from another Member State when any Member State "bound tariff rates," or the highest tariff rate), an average of 10% per cent to 7.8%, starting in 2011. Hong Kong enterprises is of particular concern, computer hardware and peripherals, telecommunications equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, certain information technology products, such as semiconductors and electronic components, will be Russia’s accession after 7 years are exempted from import taxes.

In addition to tariff reduction, Russia also promised to improve the trading environment laws, respect for intellectual property rights, implementation of the WTO Member States and signed the agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights protection. From the date of accession, will affect trade in goods or services through the country, intellectual property law, must be published in the relevant legislation, and for the Member States to express their views at least a 30-day consultation period. This will enable Russia’s regulatory system and the enforcement procedures more open and easier to predict.

Services, Russia signed a general agreement, pledged to continue opening up the services market to foreign companies. For example, Russia’s accession after 4 years, will cancel the foreign telecom companies accounted for 49%, shall not be restricted. Meanwhile, foreign insurance companies, banks and dealers can also more easily with 140 million Russia market of the Internet population.

The other hand, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan set up a Customs Union agreement signed in November 2009, a basket, a common external tariff is introduced in early July 2010, on January 1, 2012, a "common economic space" for goods, services, capital and the free flow of labor between the 3 members. Subsequently, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia signed the Treaty on May 29, 2014, set up a "Euro-Asian economic community", the Treaty entered into force on January 1, 2015, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan has acceded to the European Union Treaty was signed on October 9, 2014 and December 23, 2014, on January 2, 2015 and August 12, 2015, respectively, the official added.


Hong Kong and Russia trade

In 2014, Russia’s exports totaled US $ 2.3 to 1 billion, by 2015 from 6% the first 8 months, while that of domestic exports decreased by $ 877 million, down by 41%. January 2015 to August, Hong Kong’s exports from Russia mainly include telecommunications equipment, parts and components (total 47%), computers (11%), toys, games and sporting goods (5%), semiconductors and electron tubes (4%), jewelry (4%), pearls, precious and semi-precious stones (3%), as well as electrical equipment (3%) circuit.

The other hand, in 2014, from Russia into products reached US $ 1.2 to 1 billion in 2015, up 13%, 8 months before the US $ 619 billion, 25%. January 2015 to August, from Russia imports of products main Hong Kong jewelry (accounted for 34%), Pearl and gem and half gem (21%), inorganic chemical, organic and inorganic precious metals compounds (13%), iron and steel wire and Rod, and angle material, and configuration file and part material (7%), and not coal (5%), silver and Platinum (4%), and not animal material of processing key (3%).

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Choose pre-school education in Hong Kong? Check out the small steps to guide in the city’s kindergarten option. Go now ….

Eaton international Preschool :

Eaton international nursery school-based research on best practices to provide a high quality early childhood education programs bring excellence and leading reputation. The stimulus, integrated programmes for children with a participation and meaningful learning environments, where they develop into confident, capable, responsible global citizens and multilingual. We love the brightly lit room with sea views, tree house, and Photo Studio!

Etonkids international kindergarten, 102th, 1/f, Redhill Plaza, 3 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong, + 2353 5223,enquiry@etonhouse.com.hk,www.etonhouse.com.hk.

Flower bud:

Based on the highly respected concept of Reggio Emilia-Romagna, blooming buds give children 0-6 years of age the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace. By virtue of its active atmosphere, central location and fresh designs, blooming buds "workshop parents nurture teachers through communication and strong relationships.

Blooming buds, Jin Cheng feng, Unit 7, 8 first street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, enquiry@bloomingbuds.com.hk,www.bloomingbuds.com.hk on the first floor.

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Choose pre-school education in Hong Kong? Check out the small steps to guide in the city’s kindergarten option. Go now ….

Eaton international PRESCHOOL :

Eaton international nursery school-based research on best practices to provide a high quality early childhood education programs bring excellence and leading reputation. The stimulus, integrated programmes for children with a participation and meaningful learning environments, where they develop into confident, capable, responsible global citizens and multilingual. We love the brightly lit room with sea views, tree house, and Photo Studio!

Flower bud:

Based on the highly respected concept of Reggio Emilia-Romagna, blooming buds give children 0-6 years of age the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace. By virtue of its active atmosphere, central location and fresh designs, blooming buds "workshop parents nurture teachers through communication and strong relationships.

Why do web design

web design image

Many people say that the trend of a site, as a phone number like almost every company is required to contact the way, another dimension, in fact, the site represents the company’s image, through the Internet platform to promote business, develop new markets and business opportunities. Some customers will ask? Why do web design, what kind of benefits that can bring what kind of interest?
Like extension through web design image
Web presence, can represent the company’s image. Website represents the web design company  another door, customers can through this door, quickly understand the company’s services, hours of operation, etc. ~ or content information. The more transparency of information, allowing prospective customers to better understand the company, increasing the sense of trust not only shortened the distance between the company and its customers, but also easier to get close to customers, but also to benefit relatively naturally increased.
Like web design through digital catalog
Whenever and wherever customers can access, you can take the initiative to check product details product information, clear and transparent information to enable customers to generate a sense of trust, but also increased advertising exposure, and reducing the number of unrealistic request.
Pass like web design online goods
Online shopping is already a very mature transactions, and cash flow with the stream there is also complete with matching mechanism, if you want to sell your product through the web, the site architecture that is absolutely necessary, although through the auction site can also be to achieve the purpose of selling, but the auction site after all limited by platform vendors, not as its own website, so having real authority and autonomous control effect.
Through services like web design 24H
In the online world can have instant online 365 days, 24/7 service, can also be through the customer support system, so that customers can put on business issues to the background by the website. Companies save personnel costs, increase service efficiency.

2016 Best Web design comapny
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Best Web design company 2016 !!

If you would like to search Web Design company , please search below list for your reference

Hong Kong Web Design Company
Mr Web Design Company Award

Web Design Company Hong Kong
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Web Design Company 

web design company

Web design company can design a best website for your company , if you need a better return from e-marketing online , you must search a good web design company , they can plan your website and know your target customer , go to search Web design company at google , and they can give you some answer

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招牌公司總結公司產品群組噴墨標誌磁帶塑膠卡、 門卡海報照片框架和可以移動的顯示器面板的廣告標誌橫幅貼告示

銅和鋁鋼及各種立體字電腦刻字蝕刻螢幕顯示單議席和座椅化妝品塑膠貨架,展示的架塑膠架糖果獎品膠姆糖基礎和用品郵件、 意見箱和捐贈箱名人

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一間專業、有效率、可靠以及安全穩固的搭棚公司,工作以"安全第一"為宗旨,服務以"以客為先"為本。本公司專營各類大小棚架工程項目,包括鋁窗棚架,水喉棚架,分體冷氣棚架,維修/執漏棚架,斜坡棚架,廣告招牌以及地鋪門面棚架,簷篷棚架,室內天花棚架,年宵棚,僭建棚架等。價錢公道合理,絕無取巧,免費專人上門報價 ,歡迎致電或電郵查詢 。專為設計公司,建築公司,連鎖店及大小商戶提供

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